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Author: Redcat88 Subject: my first orgasm

Posts: 1
Registered: 06-04-2014

posted on 06-04-2014 at 22:25 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
my first orgasm

I had my first orgasm when I was 18 years old. Bit of a late learner I guess. I was sitting on my Mother's bed one afternoon a few years ago, watching TV. She was folding laundry and I was supposed to be helping but instead I had turned on her television and sat on her bed watching some teen-trash show.

I remember that my little brother, who was probably about 3 years old, was playing on the carpet whilst my mum was folding towels and putting them in a closet. My brother was just pottering around, fiddling with bits and bobs on my Mum and Stepdad's dresser. I wasn't really paying attention or listening to either of them, my eyes were on the TV.

Suddenly I heard my Mum scold my little brother,

"You can't have that!" She said.

I saw her snatch what looked like a colourful comic book of out his hands. Her face was a hot pink and she looked very flustered.

"What's that?" I asked, interested in her reaction.

"It's nothing," She replied, looking embarrassed.

She opened her closet and quickly stuffed the tatty magazine inside.

For the rest of the day, I could think of nothing except my Mother's reaction to whatever my little brother had found. I was so curious, and I was determined to know what she had hidden in her closet.

Later that evening, we were eating dinner at the table. I finished my food quickly, and excused myself under the pretence of having lots of homework to finish.

I ran up the stairs and into my room. I set some Maths books, pens and pencils out on my desk in an untidy clutter. I was planning on sneaking into my parents room, and figured that if they caught me I could pretend I was looking for a ruler as I had lost mine.

I crept out on to the landing way outside my parent's room. I listened carefully to their actions downstairs. I could hear my Mum clinking the dishes in the sink and I could hear the noisy din of the TV.

Satisfied that they wouldn't suspect anything, I pushed open the door to their bedroom. I walked quickly and quietly to my Mother's closet and swung open the door. I rummaged around between the towels for a couple of moments before I found the tatty, slightly ripped magazine that had made my Mum blush furiously earlier that day.

I stared at the cover of the magazine, my eyes bulging, and read the bold, red lettering: "XXX TEEN SLUTS." The cover featured a naked girl who I guessed was around 18-19 years old. Her hands covered her pussy and two cartoon stars covered her nipples.

Suddenly, I heard a creak on the stairs. Without thinking I shoved the magazine up my top and quickly closed the closet door. I walked carefully out on the landing and stared nervously down the stairs. Nobody was there. I put it down to paranoia and went back into my room, closing the door behind me.

I sat on my bed and pulled the magazine out from under my top. I had heard of porn magazines before. They were just something you gossiped about with your friends in the playground, or caught a sneaky peek at in the top rows of the Newsagent shelves.

I flipped through the pages before I found an article that caught my attention. I stared at a large image of a young woman in a tiny cheerleader skirt, bent over on all fours. She had a penis in her mouth. I couldn't see the man to who the penis belonged as he was out of the shot, but he was slim and tanned. Kneeling behind her was another man, equally slim and tanned, with his penis buried inside her pussy. The girl was wearing a cheerleading whistle around her neck and the whistle was buried in her huge cleavage. She had no underwear on, and her breasts and pussy were completely exposed. The title read "VIRGIN TEEN GETS DOUBLE TEAMED!"

I gazed intently at the pictures. There was a whole series of images showing the girl sucking both of the men's cocks and taking them both in her pussy also. I had never seen anything so slutty or wanton. My knowledge of sex was very limited - I hadn't even kissed a boy! I had only heard of sex and oral sex. I had no idea that more than two people could have sex at the same time! The idea seemed alien to me.

I looked and re-looked at all the pictures before reading the story that was printed below the title. The girl's name was apparently Jennifer and she had been teasing the two frat bro's, Mario and Luke, for months. The two friends had decided to plot revenge on the little cock-tease and planned to fuck her in the changing rooms after practice.

It was obvious that the story was very contrived, this girl certainly wasn't a virgin, but nevertheless it wasn't long before I was feeling the familiar pressure in my panties. I had been turned on before, but nothing like this! I had never seen anything so raw and sexy and my pussy seemed to be on fire.

My clitoris was throbbing and I slid my hand into my underwear whilst I continued to read the story and gawk at the photos. I had never felt myself this wet before. I began to circle the small, hard bud of my clit as I proceeded to read about how Mario and Luke pinned Jennifer up against the lockers and took turns licking her pussy.

My heart rate was quickening and I felt flushed and red in the face. I gazed, transfixed at Jennifer's face, her eyes wide and mouth contorted as Mario tongued her clit. I could almost feel her pleasure. I rubbed my clit harder and harder, faster and faster, pretending it was Mario or Luke's tongue.

I flipped the page and found yet more images of the sexy trio. The main photo was a close up of one of the young men's cocks entering Jennifer's wet pussy. I longed to have one of their hard shafts pushed deep inside me. I tentatively moved my fingers south to my small, pink pussy and carefully pushed one finger inside me. My chest was hammering. I had never had anything inside me before. I was very wet but wanted to lube up my fingers even more, to ensure I would feel no pain.

I removed my fingers from my panties and slid two of them in my mouth. I sucked my fingers, enjoying the strange new taste of my own pussy juices. I slid my two fingers in and out of my mouth, pretending I was Jennifer sucking on Mario and Luke's hard, thick cocks. I coated my fingers thickly in my saliva before returning them to my underwear.

I pushed the tip of my two fingers inside my tiny pussy, gasping at the shock of this new sensation. I fixed my eyes on Jennifer's pussy and I pushed my fingers slowly deeper inside my own wet hole. I slid my fingers in all the way, and felt my whole body tingle and stiffen.

I felt wave after wave of tingles sweep over my young body. My eyes grew wide and my breathing became quick and heavy. I began pumping and thrusting my fingers in and out of my pussy, just how it described in the story. I found that it felt better if I made my fingers stiff and tight, and curved them ever so slightly. I wiggled them around inside me each time I thrust in.

I began to grind myself against my hand, trying to get more of my fingers inside of me. I pushed harder, harder and started to frantically pump my sore, wet slit.

I dropped the porn magazine to the floor feeling I could take no more.

"OH YES!" I whispered.

I started to pinch and pull at my nipples as my fingers cleverly found the sweet spot inside of me.

"Mmmmmm, oooohhh," I panted noisily.

I could feel a huge pressure rising in my belly. With one swift, firm push with my fingers deep inside of me, I knew I had reached orgasm - just like Jennifer.

"OH FUCK!" I heard myself shriek.

I thrashed roughly around on my bed as my pussy tingled sharply and I climaxed explosively over my hand.

I lay on my bed, my breathing slowing gently as I tried to recover from that new and extraordinary experience.

"Everything all right dear?" I heard my Mum's inquisitive tone called up the stairs?

She must have heard me shouting.

"Err... yes," I called back. "Just some trouble with a Maths problem, all OK now though."

"OK love," she called back.

I stood up and quickly made my bed. I lifted my mattress, and picked up the porno magazine from the floor.

I placed it carefully under my mattress, storing it away for the next time I wished to try out my naughty, new hobby.
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