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moderators: admin ,    
Human sexuality plays an integral and a key role in our lives. Here you can discuss all aspects of human sexuality
262 1245
10-17-2020 at 02:10
by allgenericpillsusa
My Hymen
moderators: admin ,    
What is the definition of a hymen? Learn about the anatomy and function of the hymen, tells us about your hymen.
126 505
03-12-2021 at 03:03
by markrollins
Should I wait?
moderators: admin ,    
Not sure If you should wait, this is the pace to help discus the very important issue. Why wait? why not now? How will I feel afterworlds?
125 632
05-01-2019 at 18:05
by groupspostings
losing my virginity
moderators: admin ,    
354 1455
12-11-2016 at 22:12
by Lefuld
(STD) Sexually Transmitted Diseases
moderators: admin ,    
Open discussion group about sexually transmitted diseases (STD), Venereal disease (VD). Information on STD Symptoms, Treatments and Cures. Learn how to protect your self.
11 19
07-12-2016 at 03:07
by fras
moderators: admin ,    
Open discustion forum about masturbation. How do people masturbate? Why masturbate, masturbation healthy, Can I masturbate too much?
52 237
08-30-2020 at 14:08
by issacc1965
Birth Control
moderators: admin ,    
A help forum about birth control, before you decide on sex birth control must first be considered. Unplanned pregnancies can have devastating effect on your future and the future of a child.
9 22
05-19-2023 at 23:05
by groupsman
Intercourse alternatives
moderators: admin ,    
This category if for those who are looking or considering alternative options to vagina intercourse. Abstinence does not necessarily mean that you can not enjoy sex.
9 21
09-14-2017 at 04:09
by jakecole
Virgin inspiration
moderators: admin ,    
For those commited to staying a virgin till marriage, support and helpful information
5 10
08-12-2014 at 18:08
by groupspostings
Viginity till Marriage
moderators: admin ,    
The pro and cons to staying pure till marriage, should I save my virginity for marriage?
6 23
04-07-2014 at 21:04
by jesseperezz
Losing Virginity Stories
men and women tell about their first time having sex
4 6
05-08-2015 at 10:05
by DonMan
My First Orgasm
Do You Remember Your First Orgasm? Join friendly people sharing true stories of their First Orgasm.
5 8
08-04-2014 at 16:08
by Sherry29

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