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Author: northwildwoodnjman Subject: my first orgasm

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Registered: 10-26-2012

posted on 10-22-2013 at 11:37 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
my first orgasm

In 7th Grade I was allowed to go to my first slumber party. There was a total of six girls. The host girl had a cosmopolitan magazine with an article about he gspot. As we read we all laugh and giggled. the conversation soon lead to orgasms, only one girl had said she had an orgasm before. We were all very intrigued about orgasms and the gspots. after a long discussion we realized that if we tried to play with our gspot we might break are hymens. The girls noticed I had very long thin fingers, so they said I should try and touch my gspot. All the girls were so persistent and talking about pier pressure, I only agreed if everyone was naked at the same time and I could cover myself with a towel. So the experiment began, I tool my index finger and I slid it right pass my hymen, the girls gave me direction from the magazine on how to find my gspot. At soon as I touch my Gspot and intense feeling went through my body. All the girls new it. they immediately gather around and started asking questions. they chanted for me to keep going. some of the girls started caressing my inner thighs witch just intensified the feeling. The girls notice how this increased my pleasure and so one girl told the other to start touching me all over. Next thing I knew two girls were playing with my breasts. I stared to move my finger fast and fasted against my gspot. I was so excited, then a girl pinched my nipple and I exploded with a scream. my whole body shook. WOW I never knew it could be like that. After I calmed down for a few minutes the girls where all ready to try it. But the dilemma was how to do it with out breaking their hymens. The instigator in this suggested I use my thin fingers on the other girls, again pier pressure. It was so strange to do this, but exciting at the same time. They took a bottle and spun it to see who I would finger. so the winner laid down with all the girls around her, they pulled her legs apart and she gave some resistance. The girls all started to touching her all over. I come up between her legs and with one hard parted he pink little butterfly lips, I could see her hymen immediately. I insert my finder very slowly. As I entered her I could see it was painful for her. I continued and until I hit her gspot. Because her hymen had such a small opening I was not able to move my finger back and forth with out causing her pain so I just wiggled my finger tip against the gpsot tissue. With in just a couple of seconds she had an orgasm. One by one I fingered all the girls to orgasm. For the next year and half each week we would have a slumber party every weekend and finger each other to orgasm and as time went by we started eating each other out. My long fingers are always very popular. I will never forget the my first orgasm nor forget giving my friends their first.
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Registered: 08-24-2011
Location: NJ (USA)

posted on 10-23-2013 at 11:33 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

My first orgasm as I recall was at the age of 13 I believe. My brother and his friends where in the other room watch porn movies. I was in my room watching TV, but the door was just a little bit open enough to hear and see into the other room. So I got distracted from the TV. Anyways in the movie they were watching a certain lady every time she would orgasm would pass out from the pleasure. At one point in the movie she was in the bathroom pleasuring herself and she had her orgasm and pass out on the toilet. Though I didn't fell it was that erotic, I did have slight hard on. I went into the bathroom to go potty and while a sat on the toilet I noticed my penis was sticking up from the hard on instead of drooping light normal. So I decided to massage it to try and get it down. Well instead of it going down I got more aroused and started to jerk off. Before I knew it I came and squirted my cum into the toilet so as not to get it all over the bathroom. Well that's my 1st orgasm as a recall it.
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